A Tribute to Allan & Vonne Sisson

Allan and ‘Vonne were active members of the Kananook Creek Association for more than two decades.  Their legacy is inspirational and enduring.

Allan and Vonne

Allan & Yvonne & the Kananook Reserves

An Introduction

Wild fire swept through the northern section of the Kananook Creek reserves in November 1988 with devastating results.

This devastation made restoration of the northern reserve an urgent priority. Working bees were suggested. Plans were required.

In 1991, Allan was elected to the newly formed KCA reserves sub-committee. He wasted no time in compiling a comprehensive and ambitious plan for the reserves.  The plan was co-ordinated with Frankston Council and Melbourne Water and was in accordance with
National Parks standards.  In the years that followed, Allan recruited members, neighbours, friends, scouts, school groups, and a small army of volunteers to assist with the restoration project.

The Walking Trails

An access trail was created from the Riviera outfall south to Station St. The trail was cut by hand and the path was mulched in order to protect fragile plant roots from foot traffic. Careful attention to detail was to be a signature of Allan’s work.

In 1991, the Allawah Ave to Fiocchi section was constructed. The final 500 metre link from Fiocchi Avenue to Beach Street was completed in 2002, thus creating a network of accessible walking trails that traverse the nature reserves for 7.5 kilometres – a precious community asset.

Rehabilitation of the Reserves

Under Allan’s guidance, the KCA planted 90,000 native plants and removed more than one million weeds. This was an amazing community effort led by one inspiring man.

Plans and systems proposed by Allan are still used in the reserves. Trail maintenance, weeding, planting, seed collection and propagation continue to this day.

‘Vonne was an indispensable part of the team – organizing clean ups, coordinating members, helping with planting, weed removal, and dispensing morning tea, wisdom, humour and hospitality with cheerful generosity.

reed warbler